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Here at Atlas Rocket Company, your safety is our number one priority. In keeping with the highest standards, we require every patron to complete an onsite assessment and to meet our physical standards for space flight.

Once you have completed the assessment and finalized all necessary paperwork, we encourage you to make an account on the site! You’ll be able to see who you're traveling with and other pertinent information.

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Slightly smaller than Earth’s moon, Europa is one of the 79 moons orbiting Jupiter. Europa is covered with a layer of ice, under which lies a salty ocean that contains more water than all of what can be found on Earth. Massive geysers jettison water through the ice and high into the thin atmosphere. We are currently building infrastructure on Europa and hope to have this exciting new location available to our travelers by 2020.

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International Space Station

The International Space Station trip that Atlas Rocket Co. offers is one of a kind! Passengers will accelerate from 0 to 17,150 miles per hour and dock onto the ISS. From there, participants are able to tour the station, eat with the astronauts, and will be provided a personal room for the night with the best views in the solar system! After breakfast, passengers will separate from the station, reduce velocity, and return to launch platform.

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Day Trip

Our short “Day Trip” package offers tourists the chance to experience space without having to commit long periods of time to interplanetary spaceflight. During the course of the day, participants will get the 5G liftoff experience of leaving Earth’s atmosphere followed by 6 hours of weightlessness before returning to the launch site. Over the course of this trip, passengers will orbit the Earth 4 times.

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Our Lunar trip is a classic! During the tour of our moon, you’ll visit the original Apollo landing site as well as several other surface features on the globe. You’ll also get a view of the dark side of the moon during our gravity assist back to the earth. Finally, we will complete 3 orbits of Earth, and land back at our launch site.

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Our Mars trip is the longest journey available! During the 3 months in transit each way, passengers will be comfortably housed in our spacious Journeyman craft with all necessities provided. You will get panoramic views of the solar system along the entire 33.5 million mile trek. Once we have arrived, participants will see everything that the Red Planet has to offer over the course of 2 weeks.

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We hope to offer a package to Lo before 2020! Lo is one of Jupiter’s many moons. With scores of volcanoes on its surface, Lo is the most geographically active object in the solar system! Come enjoy the sulfur sunsets or watch Jupiter rise over the horizon each morning. Lo is the most hostile vacation setting outside of Venus! (We hope to offer a Venus package by 2022)

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